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Strike watch

Strike here:

Quebecers’ hopes of an early Christmas gift in the form of an end to the three-week-long SAQ strike were dashed last night as liquor-store employees turned out in force to reject their employer’s latest offer by a vote of 88 per cent.

Strike there:

Hoping a strike during the holiday rush will pressure Canada Post into a new contract offer, postal workers have launched rotating strikes in two Atlantic centres. Without a contract since October, the striking postal workers in Fredericton, New Brunswick and Antigonish, Nova Scotia are among 2,500 members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada in a legal strike position.

Strike, strike everywhere:

The dishes, garbage and dirty laundry would pile up for days when Cat and Harlan Barnard’s teenage children refused to do their chores. So the Barnards went on strike, moving out of their house and into a domed tent set up in their front driveway. The parents refuse to cook, clean or drive for their children — Benjamin, 17, and Kit, 12 — until they shape up.

Add a labour dispute:

With more freezing rain and snow to hit the city this weekend, Montreal blue collar workers will not rule out work stoppages to protest conditions in their new city contract, a union spokesperson said Thursday.

[ . . . ]

Roads and sidewalks in Ville Marie and Côte des Neiges-Notre Dame de Grâce were especially treacherous after blue collar workers there refused assignments from managers, a task that was handled by unionized workers under the old contract.

And let’s not forget the ongoing lockout:

The league and the Players Association held a four-hour meeting Thursday, the first session in three months, with the union presenting the latest proposal for a new collective bargaining agreement. The six-year, six-point offer, which did not contain a salary cap, will be reviewed by the league and addressed on Tuesday at the next scheduled meeting.

With all these strikes, sometimes it seems like I’m the only person who’s actually working.

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  • Eric 12.10.04, 4:47 AM

    Maybe you should go on strike?

  • segacs 12.10.04, 6:18 AM

    Not a chance. I actually care about my clients.

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