“Unacceptable” working conditions


If you’re a blue-collar union member, apparently a 5-day workweek is an “unacceptable working condition”:

The blue-collar union maintains the binding contract, reached Oct. 4, falls short of union demands. It has the support of its 5,000 members, who voted unanimously on Sunday to reject the contract.

The Federation of Labour’s Henri Massé said the contract creates unacceptable work conditions, including eliminating the four-day workweek.

“The situation is very serious and the blue collars won’t accept the situation,” Massé said Monday. “Now we ask the mayor to discuss but after that, we’ll have to see.”

The union agreed to binding arbitration, but now it doesn’t like the result and wants to appeal. Why does this not surprise me? The unions in Quebec have more power than pretty much anywhere else in North America. Union members get fat paycheques, lots of benefits, and short hours. Heaven forbid the poor babies should have to work 5 days a week like the rest of us!

Even Quebec law, however, probably won’t cave to the union’s demands this time around. It’s about time that they grow up and join the real world.

(Hat tip: Jonathan).

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