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Sudan re-elected to the UNCHR

The international media and the blogosphere are up in arms about the election of Sudan to the UN Human Rights Commission:

Sichan Siv, the U.S. delegate to the council, accused Sudan of having no right to sit on the rights commission because of ethnic cleansing in Darfur where government troops are accused of backing Arab militia which pillage black Africa villages, raping and killing. The Khartoum government denies it is involved in ethnic cleansing.

This isn’t too surprising. The U.N. is a master of hypocrisy. After all, when Libya can chair the Human Rights commission, then it isn’t too much of a leap to see how we end up with a commission whose primary purpose seems to be condemning Israel while whitewashing all the human rights abuses taking place around the world by its own members.

But it does strike me as ironic that, while the UNCHR re-elects Sudan, another UN body, the UNHCR (not to be confused) is frantically trying to help over a hundred thousand Sudanese refugees who’ve fled into Chad because of the ethnic cleansing that Sudan denies is taking place. And UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan warned that large-scale ethnic cleansing could take place without quick intervention.

So, to the United Nations, I have to ask: which is it? Is Sudan worthy being part of a human rights watchdog, or are they the guys the watchdogs ought to be watching? The UN’s schizophrenic behaviour shouldn’t surprise me anymore. It really shouldn’t.

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  • Peter 05.06.04, 3:59 AM

    There is really no Arab or Muslim country that deserves to be on this commission, or in the UN for that matter.

  • Knave 05.06.04, 5:46 AM

    Heh, my brother’s pet cause is Sudan, he’s gonna love this.

  • Jonny 05.06.04, 1:37 PM

    Taiwan is one of the most successful countries in the world. They have a good economy, extremely high levelof education, high foriegn currency reserves, formidable technological industries and relative freedom of speech and democracy.

    Taiwan is the only country in the world that is not a member of the UN. Coincidence?

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