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Undecided on who to hate more

This applies just as much to Canadian politics as to American:

Poll: Many Americans Still Unsure Whom To Vote Against

WASHINGTON, DC — According to Gallup Poll results released Monday, 6 percent of Americans are still undecided about whether to vote against President Bush or Democratic challenger John Kerry in November’s presidential election.

Gotta love the Onion.

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  • josh 06.03.04, 6:01 AM

    Thank goodness in Israel you can vote for the party that represents your opinion much closer than a general, generic party can.
    Not saying that there’s no ‘anti’ vote. Unfortunately, there’s always a swing vote between Shas and a party like Shinui for people can’t choose something in the middle.

  • segacs 06.03.04, 5:52 PM

    That’s cause Israel, unlike Canada and the US, has a rep by pop system. That allows smaller parties to still get seats in the Knesset. Unfortunately Israel’s system is screwed up in lots of other ways. But IMHO they’ve got the right idea on the rep by pop thing.

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