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I only watched a few minutes of last night’s Vice-Presidential debate. I’m fighting a cold and couldn’t stay awake through the whole thing.

From what I saw, it wasn’t a rout, but Cheney had the edge over Edwards by quite a bit. In somewhat of a reversal of the first Presidential debate, it was Cheney who came across as calm, informed, and on the ball, while Edwards stumbled quite a bit. I even saw him repeat Bush’s mistake of saying “Saddam Hussein” when he meant “Osama bin Laden”. Sheesh.

That said, both of these guys seemed like much better leadership material than either Bush or Kerry. Why couldn’t the race be between these two?

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1 John S. Anderson 10.06.04 at 7:44 PM

The one clear winner was the moderator. She showed no really perceptible bias, and had prepared some decent questions.

As far as I could tell, Cheney won the foreign-policy part. I didn’t watch the domestic part, this administration is in trouble with me on some of its actions so I figured it would be a slam-dunk for Edwards. But I don’t think it is a good idea to claim you can do better domestically by ignoring the rest of the world (except by not doing anything France disapproves of).


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