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Anne McLellan: Canada outraged, safe

Canadian Public Security Minister Anne McLellan’s news conference is on the radio right now. The bottom line from her remarks: Canada sends condolances to Britain, but don’t worry, nobody will attacks us cause we’re Canada and we don’t take stands on anything and therefore everyone loves us.

Okay, she didn’t say it exactly like that. But that’s essentially what the meaning was.

Us Canadians have been pretty smug this whole time, pointing fingers at our American neighbours as they try to fight a force that has yet to attack us on our soil. But if we think we’re exempt, then we need a serious reality check. I only hope people realize that before it’s too late.

In the meantime I had to shut off my radio in disgust, because the callers claiming that the terrorism would continue “until the US and Britain change their foreign policies” was making me angry and I was liable to punch something.

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  • josh 07.07.05, 8:59 PM

    The corner of Cote De Neiges and Cote Ste Catherine and the surrounding vicinity (what a contrast that the Jewish Gen is there) is the safest place on the planet seeing as this is the main area where AlQueda operates in Montreal.

  • Kwe::Kwe 07.12.05, 4:58 PM

    Montreal will not be attacked, it is North America Central for Terrorists thanks to Immigration Quebec letting in French speaking Arabs in order to accelerate the eradication of the English language.

    Why would anyone attack their own home?

    At least something good is coming out of the ethnocentric racism that is perpetuated by the ruling class in Quebec.

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