Fun getting home for Yom Kippur


Wednesday in the office was one of those do-a-zillion-things-at-once-to-try-to-leave-before-the-holiday-starts days. So of course I didn’t hear about this until it was time to leave and try to make it to the West Island with enough time to eat something before the fast started:

A toxic spill in the West Island yesterday forced people to stay indoors and shut down part of the Trans-Canada Highway, causing chaos for motorists.

[ . . . ]

The driver escaped without injury, but the accident burst open the truck’s container, exposing its contents to the atmosphere.

A hazardous materials response team from the Montreal fire department worked with local firefighters to attempt to limit the danger. But the chemical ignited about three hours after the truck turned over.

The “hazardous material” was sodium hydrosulfate, which, upon igniting, filled the air with its by-product, sulfur dioxide. The rotten egg smell was especially pleasant to be breathing while sitting in traffic that looked something like this:

Photo credit: Montreal Gazette

Photo credit: Montreal Gazette

Anyway, they got it all cleaned up eventually, and hopefully nobody will get cancer because of this in 30 years.

(By the way, I even made it to Kol Nidre services on time).

Hope everyone had a meaningful fast, and best wishes for a good year.

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