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This quiz seeks to go “beyond red or blue” and classify American voters according to 9 different political categories:

Contrary to the widespread impression of a nation only divided into two unified “red” and “blue” camps, our latest survey finds important cleavages on values and basic attitudes within each party. As a result, both parties face internal challenges as well as opportunities to expand their constituencies.

Anyway, the quiz stubbornly insists that I’m an “enterpriser”, which it classifies as Republican, Conservative, rich and male. Er… not exactly accurate. I tried to tell it that I was against government meddling in religion or morality, in favour of gay rights, and that I probably would’ve voted for Kerry if I were American, but it didn’t listen. I guess I have to win the lottery and get a sex change operation now.

Then again, reading the 9 categories I have to conclude that I don’t fit any of the descriptions. “Canadian”, unfortunately, was not one of the choices.

(Via Mike Silverman, who the quiz didn’t listen to either).

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1 Gerry 05.26.05 at 7:46 AM

I don’t know who analyzed the results, but they were so contrary to my own opinion of myself that I found it to be utterly ridiculous.


2 John Palubiski 05.27.05 at 1:57 AM

I’m classed “disaffected” having little or no interest in news or current events.

I’m a passionate news junkie, to be honest.

The results were way off.


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