NHL going to Turin


Looks like Canada will have a chance to defend our gold in Turin next year, as it’s rumoured that the NHL will be going to the Olympics after all.

Let’s hope so.

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1 DaninVan 06.16.05 at 8:16 PM
2 segacs 06.17.05 at 12:49 AM

Don’t call that crap hockey.


3 DaninVan 06.17.05 at 1:53 AM

They’re NOT calling it hockey; that’s the sick part, they’re taking anything to do with the actual game away and just marketing non-stop violence. “Hey, Dad; can we go the the hockey fight on Sat. night?”


4 DaninVan 06.17.05 at 1:57 AM

Oh yeh, I forgot to mention that there’s really no reason to buy tickets if you live in Pr. George, this is pretty much the normal entertainment in the pubs.


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