Win some, lose some


Federal MP Pat O’Brien quit the Liberals and has decided to sit as an independent because he’s opposed to the Liberal bill to allow same-sex marriage.

With that view, Mr. O’Brien, why not just leap all the way to the Conservatives, where you can spend lots of time and energy opposing the rights of the gay minority in Canada to your heart’s content? After all, the Tories lost Belinda Stronach to the Libs, it could be considered a fair exchange.

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1 josh 06.06.05 at 10:10 PM

There’s no such thing as same-sex marriage. Call it a civil union or make up a new term, but not marriage. That’s between a husband and wife.


2 half canadian 06.06.05 at 11:39 PM

Or, better yet, put it to a referendum.


3 DaninVan 06.07.05 at 5:33 AM

Put WHAT to a referendum? This queer- marriage kafuffle is so far down the list of ‘Things-that-matter’ that the only reason Martin is watering that particular flower is for pure political hell raising. It keeps the media off his very exposed unethical ass.


4 half canadian 06.08.05 at 12:52 AM

Hey, the ethical thing would be to put it on the ballot.
That’s why it’s NOT on the ballot.


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