Separatist sympathies?


Reading this news footnote about suspected ETA terrorists being extradited from Canada to Spain, I was struck by the following paragraph:

Perea, 31, and Plagaro, 33, sought political asylum in Quebec but the request was suspended when they were arrested in Montreal in June 2001 after the Spanish government requested their extradition, the Interior Ministry said.

Political asylum in Quebec.

Now, I suppose they could’ve come to La Belle Province for any number of reasons. Maybe they spoke fluent French. Maybe they had friends here. Hell, maybe they just liked our summer festivals and our lower drinking age, for all I know.

But is it possible that they thought that Quebec, with its separatist leanings and history of FLQ terorrism, might be more sympathetic to Basque terrorists than other places? Maybe they were banking on some sort of worldwide separatist reciprocal solidarity?

In any case, they’re heading back to Spain now to face the music. And despite my fears of Quebec separatism, I’m glad that the FLQ has been pretty much relegated to the fringe, and that our movement – unlike the Basque one – is for the most part political and non-violent in nature.

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