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And again

A Palestinian suicide bomber struck today at a bus station in Beersheva:

An Israeli police spokesman said nearly 50 people wounded in the bombing in the city of Beersheba were treated at hospital, most of them for shock. The two guards, who chased the bomber, were critically hurt, the spokesman said.

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Palestinian militant factions say a “period of calm” they announced in March at Abbas’s urging will expire at year’s end.

What period of calm?

To echo Lynn, is it peace yet?

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  • DaninVan 08.30.05, 5:50 AM

    There’s a sea change and the tides turning:
    ” August 29, 2005
    Denmark Tries to Act Against Terrorism as Mood in Europe Shifts

    Denmark struggles with speech issues. What is sedition? What constitutes incitement? These issues will be paramount in the western world for a long time to come. From the Washington Post, or as Hugh Fitzgerald calls it, the Bandar Beacon, with thanks to Kemaste.

    COPENHAGEN — Said Mansour, a slightly built man with a bushy beard, believes Muslims have a right to kill Americans in Iraq because, he said, “This is war; it’s not a picnic.”

    So, he explained in an interview last week, he had no qualms about downloading and burning CDs of Internet videos depicting beheadings in Iraq and speeches by Abu Musab Zarqawi, the terrorist mastermind behind much of the Iraqi insurgency.

    Now, Danish police intend to make Mansour, 45, a Moroccan-born Danish citizen, the first person ever charged under an anti-terrorism law enacted in 2002 that forbids instigation of terrorism or offering advice to terrorists. Police sources said Mansour would probably be charged for distributing CDs that contained the inflammatory jihadist speeches and gruesome images……..”

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