U.N. once again demonstrates its ineptitude


We’ve long known that the United Nations is incapable of actually doing anything about violence, terrorism or injustice. Today, they once again proved incapable of even denouncing it:

The UN Security Council failed to agree on Tuesday on a statement condemning the suicide bombing in Netanya, after a dispute between the United States and Algeria, the only Arab council member, made approving the resolution impossible.

The statement, similar to one adopted by the so-called quartet of advisers to the Middle East peace process, would have “unequivocally” condemned the blast. It also would have urged Syria to close the offices of Islamic Jihad, which claimed responsibility for Monday’s bombing that killed five Israelis and injured more than 50 people.

[ . . . ]

[The U.S.] said “Algeria objected to the reference to Syria and to the reference to Palestinian Islamic Jihad” even though the group claimed responsibility for the attack and the Palestinians said the orders came from Damascus.

[The Algerian Ambassador], however, said he was ready to discuss the mention of Syria but also wanted to say something about Israel’s “disproportionate use of force” which resulted in a death of a child during in the West Bank city of Jenin last week.

As usual, the U.N. proves itself incapable of saying anything that isn’t directed against Israel.

The General Assembly has long been a write-off but occasionally we’ve seen the Security Council do something useful. But today, we are once again reminded of the corrupt and ineffective way in which the U.N. is run. If this actually is a war on terror, the U.N. is increasingly making its case for why it should be considered on the other side.

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1 DaninVan 12.08.05 at 9:47 PM

You mean like this?
But then, you probably already saw that over at you-know-who’s place.


2 josh 12.08.05 at 9:54 PM

Damn DNVN, I was just about to post that link.

I personally appreciated a minute of silence in memory of all those who have given their lives for the cause of the Palestinian people .

Usually, the goyim hide their hatred, (and you can continue to live in denial) but sometimes it gets through and hits you right in your face.

President of the UN Security Council Andrey Denisov, President of the UN General Assembly Jan Eliasson, and the big kahuna himself, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, all paying homage to the people killing and maiming us.

I’ve long since understood how the holocaust could happen, and this is just another example that the world has not changed. Beware.


3 DaninVan 12.08.05 at 11:16 PM

Just out of curiosity, is Annan Christian?


4 Jonny 12.09.05 at 2:18 AM

Annan is Christian. He’s from Ghana.

I had this good friend from Ghana when I lived in Toronto. He was big into Christianity. One day this French Indian girl was telling him how ‘racist’ the jews were. He slammed her. He did his masters in Israel and was invited out to Canada by a jewish professor who was supervising his PhD. His hebrew was alot better than mine.

Kofi is married to the neice of Raul Wallenburg.


5 Anonymous 12.09.05 at 4:13 AM

Ahhh yes, I remember hearing that; Thanks Jonny.


6 DaninVan 12.09.05 at 4:13 AM

Oops, sorry that was me…


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