Evacuation efforts in Lebanon


Lebanese Montrealers are demonstrating, blaming Israel for the civilian deaths in Lebanon and pointing a finger at the Harper government for what they see as its pro-Israel stance and for failing to do enough to help Canadian civilians evacuate. It was the first of four planned demonstrations against Israel being held this week in Montreal.

Meanwhile, IDF sources are saying that Hezbollah is preventing civilians from evacuating in Lebanon. I guess they’re more useful as human shields or as propaganda martyrs than as living, breathing people. (Via Meryl, who rightly uses the word “despicable”, though I can’t imagine why she would be surprised).

It’s sad that two communities being victimized by the same group are so at odds with one another. But then, that’s how groups like Hezbollah operate, manipulating people and playing groups against one another. Sadly, this too is nothing new.

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1 josh 07.19.06 at 9:01 PM

Yo, sup? I was just checking around my blog list for reactions around the globe and can’t believe you’re finally up and running. Welcome back.

Anyway, w/r to Lebanese Canadians (mostly Xians), I remember from my time at Vanier and Concordia that it was pathetic to see them (most of em) takes sides with the Muslim Arabs just for the sake of ‘brotherly unity’. They refused to accept that the civil war of the late eighties and nineties was an internal thing (with Syria’s patronage), much less related to Israel. But it was so much easier to hate Israel.

FWIW, I was in England on business for the weekend, and the ELAL plane coming home (back to Israel) had been downsized and just over half full too (I slept like a baby on two seats). Another interesting sign of the times was that when the stewardess came around with the visa forms for the tourists to fill out, there were barely any takers.


2 DaninVan 07.20.06 at 7:28 AM

Hey Josh; long time…:)


3 John Palubiski 07.20.06 at 3:05 PM

It takes a lotta, lotta guts to admit you went to Concordia.

I’m still in denial!

But I DO have fond memories of that knife-fight between fundie and secular Iranians.

Had a half hour to kill between ‘Political Theory’ and that ‘Comparative Politics’….


4 josh 07.20.06 at 10:33 PM

Well it was only a year, and also part-time. Enough to make me despise McGill and their all night libraries when we got kicked out of Loyola at 1/4 to midnight. I think I even spent more time at UQAM’s engineering building on Mount Royal open 24/7.

What memories. I think that the last time I ever waited in a single-file line for a bus was at the vendome station for the 105 to Loyola every morning.


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