Supposedly impartial journalists?


Think again:

A group of Israeli journalists on Thursday renounced their membership in the International Federation of Journalists, after the organization’s General Secretary refused to retract his condemnation of the Israel Defense Forces’ bombing of the Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV station in Beirut.

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The IDF attacked the Hezbollah’s TV station shortly after it began its offensive in Lebanon last week. The IFJ said in a statement last weekend that the strike is “a clear demonstration that Israel has a policy of using violence to silence media it does not agree with.”

Anyone else involved in a war who bombs communications networks is simply following good military strategy. When Israel does it, of course it’s part of the worldwide Jewish media conspiracy to silence opposition voices. Duh.

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1 Puck 07.20.06 at 4:50 PM

I’m amazed at how you turn the IFJ defending journalists into an example of world wide racism against jews.

They were also critical of journalists killed in Iraq. It might have been more convincing if someone other than an Israeli had renounced their membership.

I guess if you want to see the world as us against them it is easy to find examples to support your viewpoint.


2 DaninVan 07.20.06 at 8:59 PM

Since when did journalists acquire reverential status? Of course the individual is supposed to be an unarmed non-combatant, but the enemies communications infrastructure is fair game. Puck must have come in late or he would have been aware that Lebanon (Hizbollah) attacked Israel across the border….and has been doing so for a very long time (not saying that Israel doesn’t retaliate aggressively). TV and radio stations are NOT journalists.
Military doctrine worldwide calls for the shutting down of enemy radio and TV transmissions at the earliest opportunity, once hostilities begin, the objective of course being the isolation of the leadership from both the civilian and military forces.


3 Puck 07.20.06 at 10:34 PM

Some people aren’t too keen on “military doctrine”. So they try and change it by bring attention to what they perceive as faults.

That they do it against one of segac’s favourite country does not make them biased against jews.


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