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Israeli-Lebanese border skirmish

So what really happened in the game of “the tree was on my property” that broke out on the Israeli-Lebanese border yesterday, resulting in a lethal exchange of fire? Pajamas Media takes a crack at deciphering the finger-pointing and media spin games. And the Jerusalem Post has more on UNIFIL’s role in this mess.

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  • Michael Helfield 08.05.10, 12:48 AM

    Again, another attack on Israel. Why won't they stop! This is getting infuriating. I can't wait for self hating Jews to start arguing that it was Israel's fault: watch for it.

  • Mario Parise 08.19.10, 10:36 AM

    @Sari, I thought you were kidding about the tree cutting thing. I’d find this funny if a solider hadn’t died over it. What’s the deal with this tree? Why was it so important?

    Why would Israel feel the need to cut down trees on the border? It must have known there was a risk involved if they had the IDF do it.

    Likewise, why did Lebanon care so much about this god damn tree? Am I missing something? Was it the tree of life? Was it a special tree that someone had a very special bond with?

    @Michael, though I’m not Jewish, does finding fault in the actions of Israel make a Jew self-hating? Wouldn’t that imply that any Canadian who disagrees with the our military’s actions in Afghanistan is anti-Canadian? Do we need to dogmatically support the activities of our government in order to not be self-hating? The logic confuses me.

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