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“The United Nations is a wonderful idea in principle, except for the little problem of giving barbarians a vote.”

That’s courtesy of PZ Myers, in a blog post WTFing the UN’s move to remove sexual orientation from a resolution that protects people from being summarily executed. In other words, according to the UN, it’s okay to kill gay people for no reason. Which, obviously, must make perfect sense to the vast majority of backwards, human rights-abusing, Israel-bashing, hyopcritical members of the corrupt-to-irrelevance UN. Anyone still taking them seriously at this point has got to be smoking something strong.

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1 Sigivald 11.29.10 at 2:32 PM

On the plus side, it’s not like a General Assembly resolution is worth the paper it’s written on anyway.

It won’t stop anyone from being summarily executed in any case.

Sure, symbolism and all that, but anyone listening to General Assembly resolutions for moral guidance is a lost cause.


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