Oh yeah, cause that always turns out well


If there’s such a thing as a recipe for disaster, this is it:

A friend and former professor of a California man whose yacht was hijacked by Somali pirates said that Scott Adam wanted to combine his love of adventure with his faith by spreading Bibles around the world.

Religious fanaticism and recklessness… that’s sure to turn out well. I’m not saying he deseved to get hijacked or anything. But then, the Darwin Awards exist for a reason, don’t they?

Update: It now appears that Adam and his three compatriots have been killed by the pirates. Snarkiness aside, of course I would never wish that sort of fate on anyone. And it underscores the urgent need to do something about the situation in Somalia, which hasn’t had a functioning government since 1991, and whose chaotic anarchy has given rise to the piracy industry in the first place.

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