Trump’s lack of discipline: It’s not a good thing


Nope, nope, nope. All due respect, Michelle Goldberg, but I disagree with you on 100% on this one.

If there is the barest sliver of consolation, it’s that Trump appears almost as miserable and anxiety-ridden as we are. He’s losing the tiny bit of control he had. It’s better for Trump to show us all who he really is than to let his lackeys pretend he’s remotely worthy of his office. Every time he tweets, he reveals his presidency as a disgusting farce. Let’s hope he keeps doing it.

Trump feeling emboldened to make these kinds of brazen statements? That’s not refreshing. That’s terrifying.

Society only works when people recognize that there are lines you don’t cross, things you don’t say out loud. It only works when people react in horror to these things, as they ought to.

But Trump’s supporters aren’t reacting in horror to what he’s doing. They’re cheering him on. They’re feeling increasingly emboldened to make similar pronouncements themselves, free of any kind of societal disapproval. Meanwhile, even his detractors are reacting with a kind of numbness, as we lose our capacity to be shocked by the sheer volume of excrement coming out of Trump’s mouth (or, as it were, Twitter account).

The more he does it, the more it becomes normalized. That’s how societies break down, all throughout history.

Trump’s not breaking down. The US is. And if he “keeps doing it”, shit’s only gonna get worse. Because there’s nobody out there who seems inclined or able to stop him.

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