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Women against Sharia


Muslim women’s groups are outraged at a Canadian court ruling allowing “Canadianized Sharia” in Ontario: Then the province of Ontario quietly approved its use. Under the 1991 Arbitration Act, sharia-based marriage, divorce and family tribunals run by the Islamic Institute of Civil Justice are expected to begin later this year. The move has so horrified […]

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Good news from Israel


Lynn has some good news from Israel on the subject of religious marriages: Former chief Sephardi rabbi Eliahu Bakshi-Doron yesterday advocated dismantling the Orthodox rabbinate’s monopoly over marriages – the first time any leading rabbi associated with the rabbinical establishment has publicly urged such a step. [ . . . ] In his speech, Bakshi-Doron […]

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Funniest. Satire. Ever.


Ok, maybe not funniest ever. But pretty damn funny. I challenge you to read this without laughing. Oh, scroll down on the page past the movie review first. (Via Tainted Glass.)

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Random musings


What on earth is that William Hung kid doing performing on Jay Leno? Sheesh, he’s so bad it’s embarrassing! I’d feel bad for the poor kid… but he’s more successful than most real musicians in North America. For the next 15 minutes at least. I don’t watch American Idol or anything, but I’d venture to […]

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More publicity than it deserves


Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks that the reaction of major Jewish organizations to The Passion of Christ has only served to give the film more publicity than it deserves: Just as we are busy denying that the Jews control the world, it turns out that we do. Look what a […]

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Purim has a Scrooge


Purim has a Scrooge, and his name is Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: The crazy Sephardic rabbi Ovadia Yosef has made some new ridiculous extremist pronouncements for Purim. He says it’s forbidden to dress in a costume of the opposite sex for Purim, it’s forbidden to wear a Kaffiyeh (i.e. no Arafat costumes) and …. as a […]

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Mel Gibson’s views


I didn’t want to write anything about the Mel Gibson “Passion” controversy. Really I didn’t. I felt – and still feel – that all the whining is just giving the film tons of publicity that it wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise, and I didn’t want to feed the media frenzy in any way. […]

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Mon dieu la stupide France


Yep, good ol’ France, as expected, overwhelmingly backed the ban of religious symbols from the classroom, thus endorsing what is arguably one of the best candidates for prominence on France’s National Assembly voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to banish religious emblems from state schools, a measure meant to keep tensions between Muslim and Jewish minorities out […]

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Update on the Dollard mosque story


It seems I was right and that the issue is much more about childish personality squabbles than I’d realized: Unfortunately, personality conflicts – chiefly involving Dollard borough Mayor Ed Janiszewski and Al-Jamieh leader Ahmad Chaar – haven’t helped matters. Janiszewski cynically says Dollard’s opposition to the mosque is open to change, but the most likely […]

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Freedom of religion


France is maybe the most prominent example in the media these days on total idiocy about the concept of freedom of religion… but there are other, smaller-scale examples closer to home. Today’s Gazette had two stories. One was about a zoning dispute for a mosque in DDO: Many prayers have been said at 241 Anselme-Lavigne […]

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