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Hey, it worked for Paul Martin


Bush may be hoping that his mea culpa on the botched response to Katrina will lead to a jump in the polls, similar to what Martin experienced after apologizing for the sponsorship scandal on prime-time. However, Bush might want to consider this: there’s a world of difference between the embezzlement of a few billion dollars […]

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Snubbed again


In the Gazette, columnist L. Ian MacDonald claims Canada’s biggest problem in the softwood lumber dispute is getting the U.S.’s attention: “I will be speaking to the president when the timing is appropriate,” Martin said in Regina. “It’s very important as far as I’m concerned that that phone call take place when it is right […]

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More pointless quizzes


This quiz seeks to go “beyond red or blue” and classify American voters according to 9 different political categories: Contrary to the widespread impression of a nation only divided into two unified “red” and “blue” camps, our latest survey finds important cleavages on values and basic attitudes within each party. As a result, both parties […]

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Which is weirder?


Let’s play which photo of the week is weirder. This one? Or this one? Shall we put it to a vote?

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Wednesday morning dose of perspective


Courtesy of Meryl Yourish: On the serious side, it appears that W. isn’t going to get the fact that Ma’ale Adunim is a neighborhood of Jerusalem, not a “settlement” in the West Bank (think Queens in NYC for a comparison, or the south side of Richmond, which is actually fifteen minutes away from downtown yet […]

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And for the rest of you…


Most of the donations that have been pouring in so far for Tsunami disaster relief have been motivated by genuine shock, empathy and desire to help. But in case those reasons don’t seem quite cynical enough for you, if you’re American, Dubya has a selfish reason to give: President Bush (news – web sites) said […]

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The company we keep


IDFDave has photos of the protesters idiotarians against Bush (via Damian Penny). As I scrolled the online album of swastika posters, antisemitic and racist statements, and just plain idiocies, it occurred to me that anyone both reasonable and against Bush’s policies had two choices yesterday: To join forces with the wingnuts, or to stay home. […]

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Pro-Palestinian protest a bust


What if you held a protest and nobody came? The first demonstration — of Palestinians and sympathisers of the Palestinian cause opposed to Washington’s support of Israel — attracted less than 40 demonstrators. According to a quick head count by journalists, the protest attracted 39 demonstrators, 42 journalists and television crew members and three police […]

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About time


Bush is finally coming to Canada. Took him long enough.

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Why Bush’s re-election scares me


Because of things like this: Republican senator who has questioned whether an abortion opponent could win approval to the U.S. Supreme Court must agree to back President Bush’s nominees if he is to head the committee acting on those nominations, the Senate’s Republican leader said. Bush has four years to fill Supreme Court seats with […]

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