From spin to utter fabrication


The Palestinian media was never exactly known for high journalistic standards, but lately it seems to be giving the former Iraqi Information Ministry a run for the title of most prone to utter fabrication:

Twenty hours after the IAF helicopter rocket attack on a vehicle containing Hamas terrorists in the Nuseirat refugee camp on Monday night, which was described by the Palestinians as a massacre and by MIK Ranan Cohen as a “blitz”, the air force released footage that clearly shows there were no Palestinian civilians in the street when the two rockets hit the car despite Palestinian reports claiming otherwise.

Not that this will stop the Palestinian people from believing the lies, mind you. They’ll probably accuse the Air Force of fabricating the video, as part of the same usual Zionist conspiracy plot that gets blamed for everything else.

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1 jerms 10.26.03 at 4:44 PM

so segacs, when are you gonna correct this post? the footage clearly shows now that people were aranoud the vehicle before the second missile struck, around 2 dozens.. wonder how the title race of “most prone to utter fabrication” is shaping up now.


2 Me 10.26.03 at 5:20 PM


not that this will stop segacs from repeating the lies, mind you.

each time she’s disproven she shuts up…only to resurface on another day, with another post, repeating the same disproven claims as facts.


3 Mark F 10.28.03 at 4:13 AM

The video shows that there were people in alleys away from the vehicle hit by the second missile. When the vechicle was hit by the second missile it blew it in an explosion so big that they it could only be caused by explosives in the vehicle. It was these explosives carried by a terror group in a civilian area that causes the deaths.


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