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Only two days after the end of a week-long transit strike that created hassles for thousands of people, the Montreal Tranist Corporation announced plans to hike fares:

Transit users’ patience will be tried again as the Montreal Transit Corp. plans to unleash fare increases, including a $5 increase on the monthly regular bus pass come January.

A monthly pass would increase to $59 from its current $54, The Gazette has learned.

After a strike by its maintenance workers hobbled service last week, the transit agency will now hit bus and métro passengers on Montreal Island in the pocketbook as part of its 2004 operating budget to be tabled tomorrow or Thursday, sources said.

Is there anyone left out there who isn’t completely, totally fed up with public transit?

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  • Josh 11.25.03, 8:23 PM

    It really sucks to have to struggle to do something good for the collective people. So the price of public transit is going up. Maybe one day in Montreal, it will approach the cost of public transportation in the rest of North America or should we keep whining about it because it’s not free?
    Segac, are you one step closer to asking for the abolishment of the Mtl Transit Corp.? Is $5/month going to kill anyone? IMO, it’s a small price to pay to keep the world a good place to live.

  • David H 11.26.03, 6:18 AM

    Of course, what you need is a 20cent/litre gas tax that goes completely to public transit. Make the drivers pay for their less crowded roads…

  • znerol 11.28.03, 6:09 PM

    Car owners pay enough taxes, and some of the gas taxes are supposedly supposed to support public transit. Go figure where the money goes.

  • djheart 12.03.03, 4:51 AM

    Car owners certainly do not pay enough taxes relative to the costs they incur by their means of transportation (i.e. increased medicare costs from asthma and bronchitis, new roads, traffic accidents ect.)

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