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PETA: Kill people, not donkeys

Peter e-mailed me about this one: PETA is upset about the use of a donkey in a suicide bombing attack. Apparently, after a botched Palestinian terrorist attack against Israel, in which a bomb was strapped to a donkey and detonated, PETA wrote to Arafat to ask him to please leave the animals out of it. Kerry Dougherty of the Virginia Pilot is not amused:

PETA, the group that never before expressed concern about the carnage in Israel, is suddenly outraged.

All because a donkey died.

Never mind that, according to the Israeli embassy, which keeps track of such grim statistics, 729 Israelis have perished in terrorist attacks since September 2000.

It took the death of a donkey for PETA to find its voice.

Leave the animals out of it, they cry.

[ . . . ]

“If you have the opportunity,” Newkirk beseeched Arafat, “will you please add to your burdens my request that you appeal to all those who listen to you to leave the animals out of this conflict?” In other words, Newkirk seems to be begging the Palestinians not to stop the slaughter, but rather to find a different delivery system for their bombs.

[ . . . ]

The Washington Post this week asked Ms. Newkirk if she had “considered asking Arafat to persuade those who listen to him to stop blowing up people as well” as animals.

Her response should be required reading for all would-be members of PETA:

“It’s not my business to inject myself into human wars,” Newkirk told the Post.

How does one respond to such moral ambiguity?

What she said.

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  • trevalyan 02.07.03, 10:53 PM

    Try INSANITY, Sari. That’s the only explanation I have for these people. If the Palestinians BLEW UP DONKEYS AT A PASSOVER DINNER, PETA would give more of a shit than if they blew up Jews. Or themselves, for that matter. Abysmal.

  • James 02.08.03, 4:13 AM

    Yeah, but PETA is set up to talk about animal rights. It’s not like PETA members can’t talk about human rights when speaking through other organizations. It’s not like they can’t condemn whatever they like as individuals, or as members of something else, or whatever. But I don’t have a problem with PETA wanting to talk about animals and only animals — that’s their thing.

  • Shanti 02.08.03, 2:34 PM

    I guess PETA cares more about “fellow asses” more than human beings – makes sense to me!

  • Fuck_yours 10.08.05, 2:13 PM

    Why have Kerry Dougherty write about it though? She’s the worst journalist on earth! She couldn’t cover news clippings if she wanted to.

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