Bomb scare at local Jewish cemetery


Just four days ago, someone firebombed a local grade school.

This morning, there was a suspicious package at a Jewish cemetery:

Police detonated a suspicious package found at a Jewish cemetery in the Ahuntsic borrough Thursday morning. The package looked like a white bag with wires wrapped around it. A piece of paper was left behind but police would say little about it. Constable Micheal Kriaa told reporters that it could be a few days before we learn if there was actually explosive material in the package.

It may be a little while until we know whether this was really a bomb, or a false alarm. I’m really hoping for the latter. This is starting to get scary.

Update: The media is now reporting that it seems this was a false alarm after all. That’s a relief.

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1 DaninVan 04.08.04 at 10:06 PM

A bomb in a cemetary? Isn’t that overkill?


2 josh 04.08.04 at 11:44 PM

Terrorism isn’t only done by mysteriously named groups, or if an attack is actually executed, i.e. a bomb goes off or a bullet is fired. It’s enough for the bombs to be fake that will actually affect more people than if a dozen or so are killed and the rest can be relieved that it didn’t happen to them.
When the IDF killed Yassin a few weeks ago, it should have been a satisfying/relieving/justified feeling for all of Israel who was held hostage by this monster who sent others to kill our grandparents, parents and children but instead we had reverse terrorism: the Israeli media was trying to preempt a ‘revenge’ attack by scaring the crap out of everyone – reverse terrorism.
Now Canadian Jews have two options; stop being embarrased to show Jewish pride and start getting more vocal, or ‘batter down the hatches’, keep accepting these ‘isolated incidents’, add more security, and wait for the second holocaust.
Chag sameach.


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