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It’s that time of year again…

Concordia University’s CSU elections are taking place this week.

Those of you who have been reading for a while know that this election is very important for students who don’t want more rioting, nonsense, and antagonism while going to school. Last year, the moderates swept to a much-needed victory over the extremists, and from what I hear, the school’s been a much better environment this year. This year I’m not really up on the details, but it seems to me that there isn’t as much anger about the student union as there was last year. A whole year without riots tends to restore people to their usual state of apathy, I guess.

So to all you Concordia students out there, make it your business to read up on the candidates and go out and vote.

There. That’s my public service announcement for the day.

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  • Steve Brandon 03.23.04, 6:16 PM

    Well, unfortunately, I’m not voting for New Evolution, this year’s version of the “moderate” slate, since they’ve moved sharply to the left. They’re planning on attending one of those labour union and Canadian Federation of Students-organized rallies in April to protest Charest in support of maintaining the untenable tuition freeze (and you know these anti-Charest rallies are being orchestrated behind-the-scenes by the PQ) and they’ve given positive lip service to Q-PIRG, a group which is a clearing house for all sorts of organizations with wacky agendas (and, yes, they have a link to SPHR),

  • Steve Brandon 03.23.04, 6:16 PM

    (continued) überCulture the anti-capitalist group responsible for the anti-corporate “snuff film”, The Corporation, and those leftist documentary screening nights at Concordia, and the Sustainable Concordia audit, which is only a small part about the environment and a large part corporation-bashing.

    Sorry, Sari, I know you might disagree with me about this, but I cannot vote for that shit just because they’re slightly more moderate than the alternative, and I would honestly rather see the ultra-radicals regain power this year because at least I know they’ll be totally ineffective and they won’t be taken remotely seriously outside their Canadian Federation of Students clique. I’m voting for Ben and Justin Levine’s “Reinstating Concordia’s Main Purpose” slate, since they’re the only ones whom are anti-protest this time (and they’re Hillel members).

  • segacs 03.23.04, 6:46 PM

    Can you – or anyone who voted in the election – tell me which slates appeared on the ballot, and which ones withdrew at the last minute?

  • Steve Brandon 03.23.04, 7:08 PM

    I haven’t voted yet (I don’t have a class until 4:15 p.m. and I’m still at home in Pincourt), but I’ll try and remember… I think I remember all the joke slates from memory.

  • segacs 03.24.04, 12:07 AM

    By the way, Steve, you’re right that I disagree. I see where you’re coming from, sure, but nobody ever won a student union election by being right-wing, and nobody ever will. It’s just the nature of the beast.

    I don’t like strategic voting any more than you do, but sometimes it’s necessary. A vote for the Equality Party in a provincial election is really a vote for the PQ, which is why I vote Liberal. A vote-of-conscience for Nader in the last US election wound up being a vote for Bush. Sometimes you just gotta swallow hard and cast the vote, because the alternative is worse.

  • Steve Brandon 03.24.04, 2:31 AM

    Hmm… you’re right about the pullouts. I didn’t notice this until after I voted, but there is a small item in The Link (in Election Notes) saying that Reinstating Concordia’s Main Purpose, Evolutionary Progressive Zionist Division, Communists in Action and Aaart Matters for President had all pulled out at the last minute, but they were all on the ballot regardless, and I voted RCMP, not like they’re going to win.

    It’s not like Evolution technically lost my vote, since I wasn’t at Concordia last spring so I never voted to put them in in the first place. And I don’t need a right wing slate, I just want something non-activist and Evolution seems to be abandoning that approach (and most of the left, at least of those whom write letters to or articles for the Link, seem to be skeptical of Evolution’s new-found activist stripes, though there is one dissenter from the People’s Potato of all places, that talks about Evolution in a positive light).

  • segacs 03.24.04, 2:57 AM

    Wait… they pulled out but were still on the ballot? I hope that doesn’t cause even more election messes.

  • Eric 03.24.04, 5:55 AM

    A messless Concordia election? Unlikely.

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